Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Teen Helpers

We have launched out Teen Helpers programme. Wohoooo
It seems to be going good so far.

We sent out Application forms a few weeks ago to all of our teenagers who wanted to apply. Then we had a mini interview with those who managed to hand back a completed form, and now we have recruited 5 teen helpers.
We have one guy doing painting, IT stuff and general maintainance of the building.
A girl doing artwork and cooking
and three other girls helping as part of Scream (kids church) and Monday club.
Each one has been linked to a mentor on the team and on Friday afternoons they come in to hang out, get training and have one-to-one sessions with their mentor. Also as part of their programme they will be given rewards in the form of trips and food. First reward was a healthy nice curry on Friday night.


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