Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You heard it here first!

New people have decided to move in and have moved in
Welcome to the team Emily and Anneleen. They have a very cool house and
live above a lady called Nan.
They have very cool curtains that they made themselves, loads of different kinds of tea, a gym, a sewing machine
and retro roller skates.

Also we have launched a kind of post 16 programme with two of our guys. It was started a few weeks ago with
a karting trip which was fab, and yesterday one of them came to paint our new fence. Next week we plan to take them to alien rock 2 with a video camera.

Ali went to Los Angeles for a training/ confrence thingy. He is due back 2day I think
Wohooooo welcome back Ali, we missed you

Fink thats it at the mo

Oh I have a new car that will be cruzing round the streets of Granton, its a shiny gold Ford KA
Called LVV BUG



Blogger anneleen said...

its a luvmachine
ta han we feel truly welcomed

12:02 am  

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