Wednesday, August 24, 2005

worst club in history??

with the exception of halloween maybe!

Tonight was a nightmare! some of the wed club kids from pre summer are too old to come on a wed night now, they have a separate club on a friday, but a bunch of them turned up tonight and were just mentally running round the building and not leaving!

as well as them being all crazy, the kids that were meant to be there has also decided that tonight was a night for sheer madness. The lava lamp got smashed (although that was an accident) stuff got stolen, there were sooooo many fights, people refusing to leave, kids jumping on cars and spitting on us!

it kinda sucks cos last week was so good, wonder whats made them so crazy this week?

on a positive note, Han convinced ali to purchase a cd mixer thing (and has convinced him that she will fundraise the money to cover the cost of it(donations welcome!)) which went down quite well with the kids)

...and because han is so convinced she will raise the target amount, ali is adding 100% if she doesnt meet the target by the end of october!

Sam :)


Blogger Granton Team said...

I got red lava lamp dye on my new top while attempting to restore the carpet back to its original colour :( han

10:57 am  
Blogger Granton Team said...

and what happened to" will be easy to get out of the carpet, i should know, i used to run a candle making buisness in my bedroom!..." ???

11:25 am  

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