Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend of mission week

Im sorry Sam for our delay in posting
here is an overview of the weekend of mission week.

Saturday took the shape of a fun day. there were four zones
bounce - Bouncy castle (WOHOOOOOOO)
chill - Dvds and a popcorn maker (ali's idea)
make - Decorting mugs (saved by a smoothie maker for the boys)
play - Outdoor team games

It was totaly mental (in a good way) as we had 60 kids.

Lessons learnt
* Boys and craft dont go so well together unless it involves food of some description (Thumbs up to the Smoothie maker!).

* Popcorn is very messy. Dont use it again EVER (ok maybe just untill our hoover has recovered)

It took ages to tidy up for the fun day and after it all we chilled and had a chinese take out. I had a very large and very scary spring roll that resembled both a jobby and worms. Booooo to big spring rolls!!!!!

Sunday we had Scream. The first one back, we were suprised that most of the kids remebered. We have started a 4 week session on prayer, so thats cool.

Sunday night was ichurch. The first ever youth church event. We had 18 young people and they all came not really knowing what to expect. They were faced with a range of messy games and challenges, a film clip about M&Ds and a very short talk by ali on choices. It was hard work and they were all extremely hyper. Their language and overall behaviour was not the best but the important thing was they came, took part and went away wanting more. Overall reaction from the kids is that it was a good night and they would come to another ichurch experience. Yipee!!!

Lessons Learnt
* No cushions next time although they provide added comfort for one whilst sitting on the floor they also work quite well as missiles.
* Less runing around avtive games
* Fairtrade coffee bar is not a good idea as hot coffee can be used as a weapon

The next questions is
When should we host our next ichurch?



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