Tuesday, June 14, 2005

a fun thing we did today...

We had a birthday party!!!!!!!!

it was quite weird because beforehand we didnt really want to do it and were dreading the thought of it. Everything seemed to be going wrong too, incl alasatir being stuck in perth seaching for an old lady who had wandered off for no reason.

but... it was really really really really really good!!

and we are very glad that we did it, the kids all seemed to have a really good time, esp the birthday girl who was overwhelmed with everything. we did party games with lots of prizes, we had loads and loads of food (some of which went home with mum) and we had a treasure hunt. It was great to have big brother and sistor helping out too

at the end of the night the place was trashed and all the kids left with tonnes of sweets and prizes. Parents of all the kids seemed impressed with what was going on so we may have a few more parties on our hands in the future. also, it seemed that mum couldnt thank us enough for our efforts.

Tonight has not only been a fun night for eveyone but has also started to open doors in our interactions with families.

hannah and Sam :)


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